Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break...

Hey All! Sharing a few pics taken of our road trip to Maryland to visit my folks for Spring Break. I had not seen my parents since they dropped off my kids to me in Richmond while they were on Christmas break. It was really fast. Like "Oh hey. Kiss. Hug. Here are the kids. OK bye!" It's been almost 9 years since we moved to NC and I still miss Maryland and my family dearly. We had a great time.

Heat update: Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I would not turn on the AC?? I broke down. My thermostat said my house was 84 degrees and rising. Even the dog gave me the side eye.
View of the Inner Harbor taken from Federal Hill.


Um yeah. Selfie. The fitting rooms were huge in Under Armour.

I have a thing for reusable bags. Love this bag from Lululemon.

Pretty cool picture of the tiger at Washington, DC Zoo.

SO in awe of this lefty gorilla.

Met up with my college roomie at the Zoo.

Sleeping Panda. My favorite animal to see at the DC zoo!

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