Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Wednesday, so that means it's Hoop Day!

Today is Wednesday, so instead of calling it Hump Day, I'm calling it Hoop Day! Hoops are my favorite style of earrings. The bigger the better. They look great on everyone. The hoops shown above are my latest designs. I'm partial to the yellow ones! The color just pops! I call it Tequila Sunrise. The red pair is called Cherry Slush. Just random, cute names I give to my designs. Both are currently being sold on my etsy site. Get em before they are gone!!

Later on Twitter, I'm going to post a Twitpic of me wearing a pair of hoops in hopes that people will follow suit because I'm officially declaring Wednesday...Hoop Day! Hoping to start a trend ;)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Hip Finds at Tar-jay

On a recent trip to my neighborhood Target, I snagged some great hip items!

The first item was a yummy colored (orange, purple, yellow, navy) scarf with fringe. I love it because it looks like Missoni. Missoni scarves retail for @ $200 on This scarf is by Merona and it retails for $13! Woop!

The second item is a cute pair of sandals by Miss Trish of Capri for Target. The Miss Trish of Capri for Target line debuted in Target stores this past April. Her sandals have been a big hit online and in stores. Her regular line of sandals retail for $200 - $300. Her line for Target retails for $30 - $40. I snagged the last pair of Lion sandals the other day while shopping in Target for $30! I thought they were sweet because my kids are Leos. They look HOT on! So cute with skinny jeans, white blazer, and tank! This is the kicker...I was fooling around on eBay and saw that several sellers are selling these Lion sandals with a starting bid of $60! So glad I copped them for $30! Woop!

Check out the Lion's emerald green eyes!

I'll post pics of me wearing my hip items from Tar-jay later! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

10 Things I'm Feeling for June... In no particular order

1. ToyWatch's Neon Plasteramic in Ultra Violet (as seen on First Lady Michelle Obama)

2. The Flat Belly Diet

3. J. Brand's Bleached Ripped Jeans

4. Crisp White Fitted Tee Shirt

5. Glade scented candles

6. Beyonce's "I Am..." Tour (6/27 Greensboro Colisuem)

7. Army Fatigue Hoops by Sydney Austin Designs

8. Christian Louboutin's Deva in beige ( For $1000, these are the Truth)

9. Getting my Logo!! (Still under-construction, but I'm loving it)

10. My pastor's sermon on Integrity (It was deep)