Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Currently Craving...

Currently Craving... Denim on denim. I'm totally feeling this look. Different shades of denim paired together. Teenage daughter hates it. But by the summer she will be sporting the trend. It's only because her mom (who according to her doesn't have any style) says it looks good. Check out a few denim on denim looks that are giving me inspiration. All images via Pinterest.

Side Note:  Hope you are all staying cool. It went from 50 to 88 degrees in two days here in North Carolina. I want a Spring, you know 60 - 70 degree temps, cool breeze coming from your window. Kids are calling me cheap because I refuse to turn the air on in April. Whatever. When they start contributing to the Bourne Energy Fund, then perhaps I will look into it. Until then, back away from the thermostat!

Let's talk about the necklace! Gah!

Love it all! From hair to shoes.

I'm definitely a fan of wide leg jeans. So 70's.

Leaving this for the younger gals, but I love this look.
Source: i.imgur.com via Megan on Pinterest

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