Monday, March 19, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials...

Sunday has passed with my teenage daughter telling me the same thing she always tell me on Sunday, "Mom I have nothing to wear to church." And me replying the same thing I reply every Sunday, "Blake you have clothes, just put on something." She rambles about how she can't wear her skirts cause she doesn't want the "church ladies" to say something. Her skirts are short. So she grabs her khakis and a fitted jacket with *cringe* a wife beater on under the jacket. Blake take the wife beater off, you can't wear it to church. Well, Pastor said "Come as you are." Yeah, Blake that is for folks who do not have dress clothes, you have clothes.

I tell her she needs some essentials. Basic white, black and navy tees, blazer, dress pants, and a skirt that is not a mini skirt. My husband who is tired of this Sunday conversation says, to my surprise, "Yes, you need the Tim Gunn essentials." Too funny!

Tim Gunn's 12 Wardrobe Essentials for 2012 are:
Basic black dress
Day Dress
Classic White shirt
Classic Blazer
Dress Pants
Trench Coat
Jeans (not distressed)
Cashmere Sweater
Sweatsuit Alternative

Below are some wardrobe essentials I put together on Polyvore that I think will be great for Blake. Basic white tee, pencil skirt, shirtdress, cardi, dress pants, nice jeans (all of Blake's jeans are super skinny), schoolboy blazer, and a trench.

What is your favorite wardrobe essential? Something you replenish every year. Mine is a crisp white shirt. My personal faves are Brooks Brothers.


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