Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Finally Found...

I finally found the perfect sports bra. I have very full breasts so it has always been tough to find a supportive sports bra. Jumping jacks are no longer an issue for me. I had to hold my boobs when I did them prior to my new sports bra. A week ago I attended "bra night" at a local running store, Off N' Running. They featured sports bra by Moving Comfort. The saleslady said they were one of the best brands on the market. She measured me and gave me several to try on. She also suggested I jump, run, and bounce while in the dressing room to test the fit and support. So I did just that. Jumping jacks, ran in place, and jumped up and down. I made my decision and got the Fiona. You can it get it here. I also want to try this Armour bra by Under Armour. The reviews on it have been quite impressive. Next time you go out for a run, remember to protect the girls!


My new Fiona sports bra by Moving Comfort.

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