Monday, March 30, 2015

Coachella Necklace DIY...

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is all about embracing your inner Bohemian spirit. Fringe, feathers and fedoras are all the rage in the desert during Coachella. Long layering necklaces are also staple accessories at the indie music festivals. Below is a simple and super easy diy necklace for you to wear to the next music festival. It's a great layering piece. Add 2 more necklaces to get the perfect look.


Hemp Cord or leather cord
Wood Beads
Shell pendant
Calligrapher paint pen (optional)

Assorted wood beads can be found at your local craft store. I found my seashell at the beach. I always look for shells that have holes in them to use for jewelry design.

Step 1:

Using your calligrapher, paint your seashell. This step is optional. Leave it plain if you like. I added gold lines to give my shell a tribal look.

Step 2:

Cut cord long enough so that it slips over your head. I cut mine 34 inches. Fold cord in half and loop through hole in shell.

Step 3:

Pull ends of cord through the loop and pull, securing the shell.

Step 4:

Take your selected beads and slip through the cord as shown above. Pull beads down to meet the shell.

Diy necklace

  Step 5:

Tie a tight knot at end of cord. Slip over head. Your new necklace is complete. Diy necklace

 Put some flowers in your hair.

Diy necklace

Add 2 more layering necklaces to complete your look! Get long deer antler necklace here

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