Tuesday, August 26, 2014

$700 Sneakers Or Nah...

I'm not bashful to ask someone, "Where did you get that?" I will also ask someone what brand a pair of shoes they are wearing that has caught my eye. Last week in Winston Salem I stopped and asked a lady who made her sneakers that she was wearing. She replied in a beautiful South American accent "Givenchy." Gulp! Immediately I thought $500. Whoosh I was wrong! I googled them and they are $700. There is no room in my fashion budget for a pair of $700 sneakers. However, after some searching I found a comparable pair of Vans for $55. See below. Splurge or Steal?

$700 Givenchy Slip On Sneakers. Splurge.

$55 leather Vans. Steal!

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