Thursday, February 27, 2014



Hey Y'all! Hope you all are having a great week! Let me briefly tell you what's been happening lately.

Loving:  The amethyst quartz I purchased at a recent bead show. They are gorgeous! So happy someone in California purchased the above sterling silver hoops.

Listening To: Beyonce and more Beyonce! My favorite tunes are Partition and Haunted. Daughter and I sing very loud in the car to Beyonce! I'm also listening to Frankie Beverly and Maze station on Pandora. I know one extreme to the next. When I'm feeling down it's Frankie that gets me happy. His music reminds me of the good ole days.

Reading: Gone Girl. I started this months ago and put it down. I recently picked it back up and can't put it down. The girl is psycho! I finished Defending Jacob. Will give my review in an upcoming post.

Thinking About: How sad, but excited, I will be when my daughter goes off to college next year. She's my road dawg! Everyday she has been receiving literature on different colleges/universities in the mail.

Looking Forward To: Spring! I love boots and sweater weather, but I'm ready to wear my sandals, open toe booties, and white Converse.

So what's been going on with you? Thanks to Sheila of It Girl Allure   for giving me inspiration for this post!

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