Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Forward...

Daylight savings time is this Sunday.  We will set our clocks ahead one hour.  Spring forward. Who can afford to lose an hour? I know I can't. While reading my latest issue of Better Homes and Garden, I know I'm becoming my mother (never thought I would actually subscribe to BHG), experts gave some time-saving tips on how we can get back that hour. Some of my favorite time-saving tips from the article and a few of my own are:

1. Sleep with your workout clothes on. No excuse when the alarm clock goes off. Throw your sneakers on and out the door you go. Ah I can just see my husband's eyes roll now when I hop under the covers with my sports bra, tee, and running tights on. ha!
2. Buy 3 of everything. When shopping for gifts for her kids' friends, one mom buys 3 of everything. I like this idea. I think it also works well when buying adult gifts, especially when shopping for friends that live in different states.
3. Cook on the weekends. Put your slow cooker to use. Make a big pot of stew or chili on Sunday and eat leftovers during the week.
4. Make your lunch the night before. Meal prep. My teenage daughter hates the school cafeteria food. She always takes her lunch. To save time, she makes her lunch the night before. In the morning she shoves it in her lunch bag and zips out the door.
5. Buy your greeting cards in bulk. Got this tip from my mom. She goes to the store at the beginning of the month and buys all of the greeting cards she needs for that month. Unlike me I go 2 days before a birthday and pray they get it the day after their birthday.
6. Plan your clothes for the week. Pick out your outfits on Sunday. Hang them on separate hooks/hangers and place them in order in the front of your closet. Press them if needed. Pick out your accessories. Getting dressed in the mornings should be a breeze.

So let's hear it folks... What are your time-saving tips?


  1. Great tips! I try to buy multiple gifts/giftcards - great plan if you remember where you stored them. In addition to specific cards, I keep blank notecards on hand, too - perfect for any occasion.

    1. Yes, I also keep blank notecards on hand. Great idea about multiple gift cards.