Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pick 4...

Four random things that make me smile.
This week's Pick 4 are from my Pinterest, things I pinned.

A perfect tee to wear to my yoga class.

Source: shopbop.com via Robyn on Pinterest

Cute DVF earbuds. Makes a great Valentine Day's gift for my daughter.

Source: shopbop.com via Robyn on Pinterest

Love this drawer. When I ask my kids to "Run upstairs and get me xyz from my drawer." And they yell back, "I can't find it!!!" I can tell them "It's in drawer No. 2." Sweet!

I don't have an Iphone, but if I did, this Dannijo mustashe case would be it!

Source: shopbop.com via Robyn on Pinterest

Monday, January 30, 2012

Lime Shrimp Caesar Salad

Yesterday I wanted to make something different for dinner for my family. I'm sure they are getting tired of the same dishes. I know I am. I wanted to do something with shrimp. My husband and I love Chili's lime grilled caesar salad. I googled a recipe for lime shrimp caesar salad. What I found out was Chili's salad has a whopping 900 calories per serving! Fitness Magazine's website had a low cal version of lime shrimp caesar salad for 400 cal per serving. I made it and it was a hit with everyone except...my son. He's picky. He did finish the salad but had to add more dressing which probably jacked his calorie serving up to about 700. Below are some pics I took. Happy Monday!


Saute' shrimp with lime juice and crushed garlic until pink (about 3 minutes).


Toss shrimp with romaine lettuce, low cal caesar dressing, parm cheese, and Texas toast croutons. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bag Lady...

I love bags. What girly girl doesn't? I really like recycled bags that you take to the store instead of getting those hideous plastic bags that does nothing but harm the environment. I have been known to carry items out in my hand because I forgot my "green bag." While on a recent trip to the store to use my lastest Groupon, oh btw "Hello my name is Robyn and I'm addicted to Groupon", anyway... I was given another green bag. I had a Groupon for this amazing store Midtown Olive Press that sells olive oils and balsamic. It's so cool. They let you taste the oils and vinegars before you decide to purchase it. Once you decide, they pour it in a beautiful glass bottle, seal and label it. After sampling several, Blake and I decided on getting an Organic Tuscan Herb olive oil and a sweet Pomegranate Balsamic.

The balsamic will be tasty drizzled on a salad. We tried the Tuscan oil a few nights ago. I tossed it in some whole wheat linguine...yum. I also poured some in a small dish for dipping our French bread. The kids were like, "Cool just like Carrabba's." All of this was topped off with some Rainbow trout and sauteed spinach.

By no means am I a cook. If you ask my kids what can mommy cook. They will rattle off about 3 dishes. But I do like to try new things. Whether I'm given a pass or fail. I think I got a pass the other night.


My new green bag.


Love the sections. Perfect for bottles of oils, vinegar, wine.


Organic Tuscan Herb Olive Oil and Pomegranate Balsamic

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If You Like It Then Pin It

Just when I thought I had a grip on everything Social Mediaish... along came Pinterest. And I love it. I'm just trying to figure out how can I handle everything. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr, and now Pinterest. Pinterest came at a perfect time. I'm totally bored with Facebook and Twitter. I realize that I am a visual person. Tumblr and Pinterest suit my style. What is Pinterest? It's a virtual pinboard. Pinterest let's you share all the gorgeous things you love on the web. If you like something, just pin it. People use it to plan parties, get yummy recipes, and decorating tips. It is so much fun. I'm new to Pinterest so I don't have a lot of pins on my board. Below is a bootylicious pair of B. Atwood shoes that I just pinned. Every girl needs a pair of blue suede shoes this Spring. To see my other pins go here

Source: shopbop.com via Robyn on Pinterest