Monday, January 30, 2012

Lime Shrimp Caesar Salad

Yesterday I wanted to make something different for dinner for my family. I'm sure they are getting tired of the same dishes. I know I am. I wanted to do something with shrimp. My husband and I love Chili's lime grilled caesar salad. I googled a recipe for lime shrimp caesar salad. What I found out was Chili's salad has a whopping 900 calories per serving! Fitness Magazine's website had a low cal version of lime shrimp caesar salad for 400 cal per serving. I made it and it was a hit with everyone son. He's picky. He did finish the salad but had to add more dressing which probably jacked his calorie serving up to about 700. Below are some pics I took. Happy Monday!


Saute' shrimp with lime juice and crushed garlic until pink (about 3 minutes).


Toss shrimp with romaine lettuce, low cal caesar dressing, parm cheese, and Texas toast croutons. Enjoy!

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