Monday, August 27, 2012

SAD Gram...

Happy Monday! Got my kids off this morning for their first day of school. School buses arrived on schedule and for Guilford County that's awesome. I have one going into her Sophomore year in High school and another entering his last year of Middle school (sniff sniff). Below are a few Instagram pics from last week that I want to share. Instagram: sydneyaustindesigns

Picked up these mini composition books for me while school supply shopping for the kids. Great to keep in my purse. Inspiration can hit me anyway. Plus I forget a lot. Helps when I write stuff down.
My mid afternoon snack. Greek yogurt with a dollop of peanut butter and some almond slices.
Waiting in my car.
Went out to celebrate husband's birthday. Love things that sparkle. Crystal encrusted shoulder straps and chevron rhinestone dagger earrings.
Husband's birthday dessert. Ice cream wedged in between pastry puffs.

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