Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY Denim Cutoffs...

I have been noticing a lot of cute denim shorts lately. This weekend I decided to make my own. I'm not really a shorts wearing person because I'm not a big fan of my thighs. Plus my daughter thinks women over a certain age should only wear shorts that are right above or right at the knee. What are your thoughts about shorts for women over 30, 40, 50? I think you should have fun with fashion, but there are limits. If you have great toned legs, go for it! I got this DIY from the Glamourai.

Get a pair of jeans with a looser fit than you normally wear. I got these Levi's from the thrift store for $3!

Cut the leg off about 3 inches from the inseam. Cut on a slant.

Fold the jeans over and use the cut leg as a pattern. Cut off the second leg.

Cut an inch slit on the front outer seam.

From the top of the slit, cut at an angle towards the inseam as shown above.

Repeat on other side. Make sure the pockets peek a boo in the front.

Run the cutoffs thru a wash and dry cycle to give them a frayed/distressed look. You are done! I will post in a later blog how I rocked mine!


  1. I've been thinking about cutting off a pair of jeans (I spilled paint on them and they are a bit big, so I don't really wear them much, anyway) but wondered, too if I'm too old for that. So, I'll try it - but not short enough for the pockets to hang out. Interesting about cutting them off at a slant - why?

  2. Cutting them off at a slant reveals the pocket, which is on trend right now.