Friday, April 6, 2012

When Ladies Only Wore Dresses...

Source: via Robyn on Pinterest

I love the above photo for several reasons.

1. It's a picture of my Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. sorors taken at Howard University (1946).

2. It's old and faded, but holds a lot of history.

3. The ladies all wore knee length dresses.

I love skirts and dresses. I don't wear them a lot, but it's so refreshing to see a lady in a skirt or dress. I remember my maternal and paternal grandmothers only wearing skirts or dresses. They never wore pants. There are so many awesome dresses and skirts on the market today for all shapes and sizes. I personally like maxi dresses, pencil skirts, wrap dresses, and shirt dresses. I think I will challenge myself this summer to wear only a dress or skirt when I go out.

Do you wear a lot of skirts and dresses? Or are you a pants and jeans type of girl?

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  1. I love dresses! As soon as it gets warm, I push the pants to the back of the closet in favor of skirts & dresses. In fact, I just bought a new skirt and dress today!