Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Greatest Homecoming on Earth...

Last weekend was North Carolina A&T University's Homecoming. It's called the Greatest Homecoming on Earth. I attend their Homecoming more often than attending my alma mater, University of Delaware. I am amazed at all of the alumni, young and old, that come back to attend and support this HBCU Homecoming. Parties, tailgating, concerts, parades, open houses, fish frys, and of course football is enjoyed throughout the weekend in Greensboro. All of the community comes out to support NCA&T's Homecoming, whether you attended the college or not. Below are a few pics my photographer (14 yr old daughter) took of me before I headed out to attend my girlfriend Lydia's Open House.



Sade 2011 Concert tee and J Crew blazer.


9 West booties, which will be in heavy rotation this Fall/Winter.


Hoops by Sydney Austin Designs, Anthropologie pants.