Thursday, January 19, 2017

Gift Ideas for Your Host Family...

Hello All! In about one week my daughter will be leaving to study abroad in Spain for the Spring semester. This is an exciting time for her. I will miss her dearly but I am so happy that she is stepping outside of her comfort zone and taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

It is customary to bring your homestay family or in my daughter's case, her Madre, a gift to say thank you for opening up your home to me for 89 days. The gift doesn't have to be expensive, but should be thoughtful, creative.  Keep in mind portability issues. Below are some suggestions I have for host family gifts.


1. Something made in your home state: Ah you thought Texas Pete was made in Texas? Me too until I moved to North Carolina. Look for locally produced items such as honey, hot sauce, jam, or spices.

2. Writing pad/Journal and pretty pen: A great way for you to leave your host family a note or vice versa.

3. Beautiful mug: Anthropologie and etsy has beautiful mugs or check out a local potter. The mug above was handmade by a local potter in North Carolina. Unique and beautiful.

4. Guest napkins or kitchen towels: Another favorite of mine. I love pretty guest bathroom napkins.

5. Bracelet: If you just have a Madre, a pretty charm bracelet will be nice. Add a charm that represents you. Perhaps you play tennis, add a tennis racket charm. Or maybe you love to read, add a book charm. She will think about you every time she wears it. The above bracelet was made by Sydney Austin Designs

6. Enamel Pin: These are unisex. Small collectible item. Can be worn or a denim jacket, scarf, tote bag or like I do on my backpack.

7. Canvas Tote Bag: (not shown) Buy a plain canvas tote bag and paint a design on it. Your host family can use it as a grocery bag, travel bag, etc.

My daughter purchased a pretty journal and pens for her Madre.

I hope your find these suggestions helpful. If you have anymore ideas for host family gifts, please post in comments.

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