Friday, March 18, 2016

March Essence Beauty Box...

Hey All! I'm very pleased with this month's Essence Beauty Box. If you follow me on Snapchat (sadesigns) you saw that I did an unboxing two days ago. I got a chance to try out some of the products. Check it out the products in this month's box.

Love the box top design. 

The beauty products. Great sample sizes. Theme is: Transform Her Everyday.

For the hair: Creme of Nature Perfect Edges and Uncle Funky's Curly Magic. 

Skincare: LaBelle Femme Body Butter and Biossance The Revitalizer which is a light face oil.

Makeup: BITE Beauty Opal Lipgloss

I'm giving this month's box a B. The hair products every month is overkill. Every month there has been 2 haircare products. One is enough. I would like to see more makeup samples or sunscreen, perfume, bronzer or a highlighter.

The La Belle body butter was amazing. Melts into your skin. I also love the opal lipgloss.  I'm excited to try Uncle Funky's Curly magic. I've been wanting to try something from their line.  I have not tried the Biossance revitalizer, but online reviews are 5 star.

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