Thursday, April 10, 2014

Taste of Art...

Hey All!

Last year I purchased a Living Social for a Taste of Art class held at the Sawtooth School for Visual Art which is located in Winston Salem, NC. A Taste of Art is a fun evening learning something new such as ceramics, painting, digital art, or jewelry making. The Taste of Art class I wanted to take was the Copper Earring Class. It was very popular. Although I purchased the Living Social deal last Spring, I didn't take the class until this past Autumn. The instructor of the Copper Earring class was Annie Grimes Williams. If you are not familiar with her work, check her out here. Her work is amazing. The class was so much fun that I signed up to take a metalsmithing class. Post about that class coming soon!  This was my first time using a torch!  I'm excited for you to see what I made in the Taste of Art class. I really let me creative juices flow! Check it out below.

Annealing. First time using a torch.
Filing, hammering and adding texture to my copper pieces.
Copper earrings
The final results! So pleased with what I can do with my hands!
These are currently not for sale. I kept them for myself and to use a model when I start to add these to my designs. Since I do not have a lot of the tools used to porduce these, I will have to schedule studio time to design more. To pat my own self on the back, everytime I wear these, I receive lots of compliments.

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