Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Beauty Product Faves...

Hello my name is Robyn and I'm a beauty product junkie.  I'm sharing what my favorite beauty products that I purchased, received, or used for the month of March. Check them out below.

  March Beauty Products Roundup

Starting at the top going clockwise.

1. Mally waterproof eyeliner in Sailor. A beautiful navy blue eyeliner that I received in a Birchbox. I wear it daily. The navy makes my eyes pop and it's a great change from all the years I wore black eyeliner.

2. Benefit ultra plush lipgloss in Sugarbomb. I love shimmer. This lipgloss is a pretty gold pinkish shimmer. My go to everyday, casual lipgloss. I also received this in a Birchbox. It's not sticky or doesn't leave a gross residue on your lips. Plus the small size is great for sticking in your pocket.

3. Shea Moisture African black soap Purification Masque. I'm biased when it comes to Shea Moisture products. I love Shea Moisture! As a natural curly hair girl, I have tried a TON of hair products! Hands down Shea Moisture is my top choice. I bought this masque when Target had a Bogo promo on Shea Moisture products about a month ago. This was my first time trying their African black soap line. This masque is awesome and it smells yummy!  My hair is super dry so it craves moisture. My curls pop after using this product.

4. Maybelline Clean express makeup remover. A recent purchase from Ulta. My daughter has totally taken over this makeup remover. I was looking for a gentle eye makeup remover that was a little cheaper than the eye makeup remover I purchased from Sephora. This is a great alternative! Love it.

5. NYX roll on shimmer in Nude. Remember I told you I loved shimmer. Right? Another recent purchase from Ulta that was on sale and I used a coupon! Winning! I went to Ulta looking for a fun eye makeup. I found this NYX roll on. It was a toss up between Nude and Green. My daughter was with me and she quickly shot down the green roll on shimmer. Darn! Teenagers do not want you to have any fun!

6. Tarte lipstick in Fierce. I've had this lipstick for awhile. It's a gorgeous red. I feel so Old Hollywood when I wear it. My son says I look like my mother, so I took that as a compliment.

7. Gena Pedicure foot treatment cream. Ladies sandal season is quickly approaching. You totally need this foot cream in your life. It's rich and thick with a cool minty scent. I love it. This was a sample in my Birchbox. I will purchase this from Birchbox once my sample is depleted.

8. Essie Nail Polish in First Timer. I switch my nail polish constantly. This is my latest fave. It's the prettiest mint green. So awesome for Spring. I purchased this from Ulta. Gosh I love that store!

**Please note I am employed by nor endorsing any of these products. This is just my personal opinion of some of my favorite beauty things. **

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