Tuesday, March 25, 2014



Hey Y'all! I can't believe March is almost over! Seriously? Lately in March I'm...

Loving: These Jimi Hendrix postal stamps I bought yesterday. How cool are these? You don't like Jimi? What!? Just try listening to him on Pandora. Turn it up loud so you get the full effect. Trust me.

Listening To: Anthony Hamilton and Charlie Wilson radio on Pandora.

Reading: I will start The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer this week. I bought this book last summer and never got around to reading it.

Thinking About: Do people still subscribe to Vogue magazine? It's so 1990's. Vogue lost it's flair a long time ago. My fashion bible is Pinterest. I'm so inspired by Street Style.

Thankful For: The constant support I get from my friends who buy my jewelry! Thank you for appreciating my craft.

Looking Forward To: My parents are coming for a visit this weekend! Always a fun time when they come.

What have you been up to Lately? Thanks to Sheila of It Girl Allure for this blog post inspiration.

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  1. Cool post! I I think I wanna do one. I'm a Jimmi Fan! And I haven't read Vogue in ages.