Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Break...

Museums, Monuments, Martin, Maryland. That about sums up my kids' spring break. We took a road trip to Maryland to visit my folks. One day we went on a day trip to Washington, DC. Saw my niece who attends Howard University and my college roommate and dear friend Teresa and her sons.  Below are a few pictures. Hope everyone is having a good week!


Martin Luther King Jr monument. Breathtaking.


I have been wanting to visit the Holocaust Museum for a long time. I enjoyed the exhibits that we did see, but was disappointed that we could not visit the permanent exhibit on the 4th floor. It's tourist season, so passes are given out for the 4th floor. We got there too late.


Children Art Tiles in the Holocaust Museum.


A closer view of the tiles.


Of course, I can't visit Maryland without getting a crab cake! Nobody does a Maryland crab cake like Maryland. If you are in a restaurant that is not in the state of Maryland and they have Maryland crab cakes on the menu, quickly pass. Most likely it has filler! Taken with Instagram.

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