Sunday, March 4, 2012

Melted Crayon Art...

I have a crafty teenage daughter. She loves art. Just like her mother and Uncle Rodney whose daughter, my niece, Reigna, loves art too. She approached me this weekend with an idea she saw on YouTube about melting crayons onto a canvas board. I googled it and a saw lots of cool melted crayon projects. So I took her the craft store to get supplies. This project is so easy, perhaps your child would like to try it.
Step 1: Glue crayons onto a canvas board.
Step 2: With a blow dryer, melt crayons until the wax drips down the canvas. Start with high heat, then alternate between medium and cool. Some colors take longer to melt.
Step 3: Name your artwork (optional)

Blake didn't know why her crayons didn't drip like others she saw on YouTube. She thinks it is because she used generic crayons and not Crayola.


Before blow drying.


After blow drying. I think it's cool!

Have you done this project? If so, how did your crayons melt?


  1. inspired by your's - tried it. me & the kids had fun with it and they turned out pretty nice.