Monday, November 14, 2011


Today I attended a Bikram (hot) yoga class. I have a 20 class membership to a Bikram yoga studio in Kernersville, NC that I purchased from Groupon. Many of you know that I am on a never ending struggle to lose weight once and for all! Since I am being a rather big nuisance to my husband and children who have to listen to me whine and talk about how I need to lose weight, I want to start running, if only I was 20 lbs lighter, etc. etc. I have decided that I will now concentrate on getting healthy and hopefully the weight loss will follow...eventually.

I have a new love... Whole Foods. I'm a cart watcher. I look at what other people put in their carts. I discovered a love for quinoa (keen-wa), vegan cookies, brown rice, berries, steel cut oats, etc. I rather eat Greek yogurt than the other stuff. I'm making the switch to whole wheat pasta. If only my family will follow. Sigh. My son says, "Whole wheat pasta tastes like cardboard." Oh really, so you know what cardboard tastes like??

Back to hot yoga. The last time I went to hot yoga was about 8 yrs ago when I lived in Baltimore, MD. My instructor today was a cute thin red head, who advised me to stay in the back of the room with the ballet poles so I could use them for support. She was right. The room was really hot! 105 degrees and rising. Our instructor cracked open the doors a bit because the humidity was rising. I loved the class! Sweated thru my clothes. Stayed in the room and did my best for the whole 90 minutes. The only complaint I have is the instructor didn't show us the yoga positions, she talked it through to us on her mic. I had to rely on the 70 yr old man next to me, who gave me a few pointers. LOL! Clearly he was a yogi. It was like having Russell Simmons in my class. I just laughed and shook my head. I can not let this senior show me up! After class, Christina, my instructor, told me I did great! Namaste...

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