Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shopping Steals...

J. Crew is currently having a Regional Warehouse Sale until July 25th in Winston-Salem. Yesterday I dragged the tween daughter and ventured out to see what steals I could find. Once inside, you were greeted with a white garbage bag and a price list. There were boxes everywhere filled with clothing and shoes for men, women, and children. After an hour of digging and impatient sighs from the tween, I took my "garbage" bag and headed to the counter. I got 2 things. One was a "steal." I got the above blazer in awesome condition (no snags, holes, rips) replacement buttons and tags attached for $30! This blazer is $238 on J.Crew's website. It will look great in the Fall adorned with vintage style brooches.

The other item was a cute white tee with a sequin pocket. The tween wants to know what's up with me and sequins lately. Anyway... The tee was $15. It had a small hole in it and I asked the cashier if she could take something off the price. She marked it down to $10. My opinion, it should have been $5, then I would call it a "steal." But it is cute, so I kept it in my "garbage" bag, cause lately I got a thing for sequins.

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  1. Great buys. Glad you were able to take advantage of the sale