Thursday, May 6, 2010


My tween daughter has an odd name for a girl. She can never find girly personalized accessories with her name. I had the same problem when I was a tween. All of the commercial personalized accessories spelled my name with an "i" and not a "y."

During a recent trip to Florida we stumbled upon a vendor that sells leather accessories with an option to get your name engraved on them. The tween was tickled "pink."

There are a lot of great jewelry designers on etsy that specialize in personalizing jewelry with any given name. I think it's great! Not everyone has a basic name like Jane, Ann, Susan, or Sarah.

Check out the tween's bracelet.

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  1. This is a cute bracelet and you are so right about names. I have a pretty traditional first name, but when was the last time I saw it spelled the way I spell mine? ELISABETH (with an "s" and not with a "z") The same is true with my nickname - LIBBY. So, it's great to know that there are sellers who customize for this very reason. Thanks for sharing. :-)